Salad & Dessert


Side                                                        $3.25

cheese, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes

Grilled / Crispy Chicken Salad                 $7.95

cheese, tomatoes, bacon, onion and egg

Southwest                                               $7.95

cheese, grilled onions & peppers, corn

& black bean mix, tomatoes, and choice of grilled/crispy chicken or beef

Chef Salad                                              $7.75

ham, bacon, turkey, cheese tomato, onions

cucumber and egg

Pine Spruce Branches 5

Taco                                                        $7.75

taco meat, cheese, shredded lettuce, onion, tomato, sour cream and salsa served on the side


Apple Pie                                                $2.25

add a scoop of ice cream $.50

Chocolate Cream Pie                               $2.75

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